Push & Pak Sets up in Seconds!

Welcome to the home of The Push & Pak box design. The revolutionary new box that comes to you preassembled where all you have to do is Push it and Pak it.

Our patent Pending Process allows us to replace any style box in almost any size simply to make your life easier.

We put together a few videos that illustrate the ease of use and simplicity when using our unique design.

We added in a “how to open and close” or “erect and collapse” your Push & Pak box video that will show you exactly how to use this box to gain all the benefits from its design.

Here are some of the benefits and features of our Push & Pak box that will make this the only box you will ever want to use.

  • No tape required on the bottom of the box because of its solid bottom construction

  • Strong double wall strength on two sides increases stacking strength

  • Reinforced ends offer greater strength for carrying handles

  • Assembles and collapses within seconds making it a great box to reuse which saves money

  • No need to take up space and time preassembling boxes for production

  • Breaks down without the use of dangerous knives

  • Can fold flat without taking the box apart

  • Custom sizes available

  • Many custom print options available

Watch the video to find out just how easy it is!


Push and Pak is the ultimate folding box! Unfold them in seconds. Reuse them often!


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